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The Cornell in Washington community has gone virtual for this spring. All CIW faculty have moved to online classes and many CIW students are continuing their DC internships remotely. Even some CIW community activities are being held virtually!

Our Summer Term has transitioned to online only with an exciting -- and uniquely insider DC based program How the Pandemic is Rewriting the Rules of America and the World. This 7-week program headed by Professor David Silbey will explore how the coronavirus is remaking America and the world by talking to the people in government, in the policy world, and in the private sector who are actually handling the crisis. 
Registration information coming soon! 

The Fall semester at CIW is getting pretty full so Apply Now for what is sure to be a transformative experience and an opportunity to put your knowledge into action! 

We are looking forward to when we are all back home at the Cornell Wolpe Center. Until then, stay safe, wash your hands often, and keep in touch!  


Cornell in Washington is working with Cornell leadership to monitor the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and help ensure the health and well-being of our students, faculty, staff, and community. Given the uncertainties of this rapidly evolving situation, we encourage you to visit the Cornell coronavirus website regularly for updates and information.


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CIW Alumni Spotlight

"CIW was an extremely important experience I had during my time at Cornell. As a premed, many of us are stuck with the "normal" STEM backgrounds and supplemental-experiences (such as summer research programs, shadowing, etc). The (one) class I took at CIW gave me insights of how political policy issues, such as in healthcare, immigration, drug policy, etc, affect different societies and peoples across America. I believe this knowledge is crucial in creating a more understanding and worldly physician. I also attended networking events that gave me insights to different career options. CIW in the summer is very different than CIW during the academic year as there is far more free time to take a real break and explore some part of ourselves outside our "normal academic patterns." I left DC with this other-wordy knowledge on career options, and a greater understanding and appreciation for my own personal and academic/career development outside of the common premed-tract. I recommend the CIW program both for people looking to supplement their existing interests (ie: in government), and for people looking to breakaway and explore other career options outside their existing interests (ie: premeds and/or even artists). DC in the summer is a vibrant and lively intern-filled city! Definitely an experience every college student should have!" Kirkland Sugrim SIW'19