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Life in Dupont Circle


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The Cornell Center is located at 2148 O Street, NW in Dupont Circle, probably the most all-inclusive urban neighborhood in Washington. People live here, work here, play here, and visit here. The constant activity brings a definite buzz to many of the streets, and the diversity of activities offers a wide variety of possibilities. 

A mere mile (twenty minute walk) from the center of Dupont Circle, and a short distance walk to a number of nearby city sections. You can walk west to historic Georgetown; northwest along Embassy Row into the international community of Kalorama, northeast to the happening nightlife districts of Adams Morgan and U Street; southeast through the Golden Triangle section of downtown to the White House; and south to Foggy Bottom, home to GWU and major international institutions.

Three Metro lines, linking to Union Station and National Airport, multiple city bus lines, the special Circulator Bus, and the Georgetown GUTS Bus, are exceptionally well connected to Dupont Circle. Uber, taxi services, and electric scooters are available for use throughout the city. Express buses to NYC and other cities leave from near the Circle. DC has many bike lanes and paths to service the Bike Share program in the city.

For those who live here, the neighborhood offers up typical amenities of city living – groceries; bakery, coffee, cafe, bagel, sandwich, burger, pizza, and fast-food and take-out shops (and trucks), many with delivery service; pharmacies, dry cleaners, banks and cash machines, hair stylists, hardware stores, bookstores, and stores providing most kinds of goods and services; doctors and a major hospital; gyms and spas; public parks with basketball and tennis courts, playing fields, a swimming pool, and access to endless miles of biking trails.

Every day thousands of workers pour out of the Metro to work in the area. Many CIW students find they can easily walk to their internships for employers such as the White House, the Executive Offices, and the State Department; George Washington and Johns Hopkins Universities; the Brookings Institute, Carnegie Endowment, and American Enterprise Institute; dozens of foreign embassies; The New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, or CBS; the World Bank or the IMF; and innumerable profit and non-profit organizations of all types and scope.

Food is the biggest draw for those out to enjoy the neighborhood, with the District’s highest ratings for Italian, Mediterranean, Thai, Indian, and seafood restaurants and certainly the biggest and most varied selection in the city. There are twenty-six eateries of one kind or another on just the two blocks of P between the Cornell Center and Dupont Circle. The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, with its six theaters, is one obvious source of entertainment, but you can walk to other smaller venues and movies, too. There are art museums and galleries, historic homes, lecture halls, and often some kind of demonstration or street performance. The dozens of hotels are filled with businessmen and tourists from all over America and the world.

A new world of opportunities awaits Cornellians in Washington, and Dupont Circle is a great place to live and to start your explorations.  

Looking for more information or someone to speak with? Contact CIW at cwash@cornell.edu.