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"I have friends here writing on topics from healthcare and workforce development to the effect of protein overconsumption on the environment. There are really no limits to the research you can do here."

Christopher Schott, CIW student


The courses you take in Washington are at the heart of the Cornell in Washington program. They bring together your DC semester and give you a chance to integrate the entire range of your time in the nation's capital in an intellectual and enduring way.  Each class aims to draw on qualities and strengths unique to DC while at the same time sustaining the value and challenge of the main campus courses:  an exploration of Washington and a uniquely Cornell experience.

Any College, Any Major

Look at all the majors represented at Cornell in Washington! Traditionally Washington has been a great destination for those interested in politics, policy, and government – but Washington offers numerous opportunities for those studying the arts, social studies, and the sciences.


Majors recently represented at CIW

American Studies
Applied Economics Management (AEM)
Animal Science
Asian Studies
Biology/Biology & Society


Hotel Administration
Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR)
Interdisciplinary Studies
Natural Resources/Environmental Science
Policy Analysis and Management (PAM)
Sociology/Developmental Sociology