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You want an internship because it will allow you to build networks, try out the career of your dreams, build your job experience, and experience the real world of a big city. You want an internship in Washington DC because you can accomplish it all while still living in a caring Cornell community.

You will find a wide range of opportunities available to you in Washington, from the prestigious to the obscure, the large to the small, the formal to the informal, in every possible area of work. Start your search now by googling "internships Washington, DC" or start researching topics of interest and learn about related activities in Washington. Once you start your application process you will also gain access to the Cornell in Washington Internship Database which lists organizations currently looking for interns and contact information for organizations that have hosted students in the past. An internship is required for the CIW Semester and CAPS Programs and recommended for the Summer Program.

You choose the internship you want to do, it does not have to be one in our database!

Next Steps:

  • View sampling of CIW internships below.
  • Understand CIW's Guidelines for your internship.
  • Read through the Steps to Follow in searching for your internship.
  • Once you start the application process, browse through the Internship Database.

No matter what your major or career interests are, you can find a great internship in Washington.

Federal Communications Commission
National Public Radio
Voice of America

National Institute of Health
Alliance for Health Reform
American Red Cross
Global Health Council

Department of Commerce
Department of the Treasury
Economic Strategy Institute
Federal Reserve Board

Legal Services/Law and Justice
Alliance for Justice
U.S. Supreme Court
Department of Justice
National Women's Law Center
Natural Resources/Conservation
Sierra Club
Earth Share  
Environmental Protection Agency
National Wildlife Federation

International Affairs
Agency for International Development
American Foreign Service Association
Council on Foreign Relations
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

JP Morgan
American Bankers Association

Politics or Public Policy
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
Bipartisan Policy Center
American Youth Policy Forum
Center for American Progress