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About CIW

"The entire city becomes your campus; the museums, the history, the nightlife, and the political atmosphere provide an experience unlike anything Ithaca has to offer."

Erin Noonan, CIW student



Cornell in Washington offers a transformative, applied learning experience where students engage with the most pressing issues of the day through dynamic internships, world-class courses, and community engagement, emerging as scholars, professionals, active citizens, and leaders. There are opportunities for Cornellians and non-Cornellians (summer only).

All programs combine Cornell classes with internship experience and all participants reside at Cornell's Wolpe Center.



Semester Program

Open to any Cornellian, the Semester Program is the perfect blend of practical work experience and Cornell University courses, located in one of the world's great capital cities.

Summer Program

Full description of the Summer Program can be found here.

CAPS Program

CAPS in Washington is specifically for students in China and Asia-Pacific Studies. This program is only offered in the fall.

Upcoming Information Meetings on Campus

Information Session

Monday, Feb 17 @ 4:30 pm

Tuesday, Feb 18 @ 4:30pm

Tuesday,  Mar 10 @ 4:30pm

Wednesday, Mar 11 @ 4:30pm

Klarman Hall KG70

Klarman Hall KG70

102 Mann

102 Mann

Internship Meetings

Monday, April 13

Tuesday, April 14

By appointment

Pre-Departure Meeting Tuesday, May 5



Program Dates and Costs

Fall 2020 Semester Program


Application Deadline

 Applications are now closed 


 Same as on campus

Housing / Program Charge


Move-in Date

 Monday, August 24, 2020

Move-out Date

 Tuesday, November 24th

Mandatory Residential and Program Orientation


Internship Start Date (recommended)

 Tuesday, September 8th

Internship End Date (recommended)



Looking for more information or someone to speak with? Contact CIW at cwash@cornell.edu.