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CAPS Courses

China and Asia-Pacific Studies in Washington

In addition to the CIW Core Course (CAPS 4997 or 4998), CAPS students will take CAPS 3000, Seminar on American Relations with China. This course is coordinated by a faculty member, with individual sessions led by scholars, officials, business people, journalists, lobbyists, representatives of non-governmental organizations, and others who have worked in China or have participated in the shaping of U.S. policy toward China.

CAPS students will also enroll in a Chinese language course taught specifically for them: CHIN 3341 or CHIN 4441 (equivalent to the regular Cornell courses CHIN 3301 and CHIN 4411, respectively).

Like all CIW students, CAPS majors will also hold an internship. Their internships are usually working in government agencies, embassies, newspapers, television networks, businesses, law firms, think tanks, NGOs, and other organizations.

See the CAPS website for more information.