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Cara Sierks discusses how she went from being "a consumer to a producer of knowledge"

My most profound academic turning point came when I went from being a consumer to a producer of knowledge. For my first five semesters at Cornell, I dutifully read journals and articles for my classes and assisted on a few research projects for professors in the government department...That changed during the spring semester of my junior year when I joined the Cornell in Washington more


Engaging with the District

CIW's partnership with the 11th Street Bridge Park further establishes Cornell's presence in the District and presents students with the opportunity to engage with the city through new experiential learning classes and internships. Watch the linked video to lear more about the project.


CIW Visits State

Students in the Cornell In Washington program had the chance to learn about how science is incorporated – or not – into the policymaking process during a March 23 visit to the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C. Read more



in the nation's capital

Through academics, professional development and community engagement opportunities in Washington, DC, Cornell in Washington is your opportunity to put KNOWLEDGE into ACTION!

  • Earning Cornell credits

  • Gaining work experience and developing transferable skills

  • Obtaining practical experience by applying methods and theories learned in classes

  • Networking with professionals in your field for references and future job opportunities

  • Having fun, meeting new people, and enjoying an enormous range of cultural and recreational activities!

Learn why Cornellians from all majors often refer to their semester in Washington as the “best semester” of their time as an undergraduate!


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CIW Summer Program Ends
Another great summer in DC comes to an end. Be sure to post your favorite photos to Instagram, cornellinwashington!   more>>