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History Tour of the Senate with Historian Kate Scott

Location: Washington Start: Oct. 25 2018 12:30pm End: Oct. 25 2018 3:00pm

Join Assoc. Historian Kate Scott for a one of a kind tour of the Capitol Building with an expert, insider look. 

Senate Hart Building

American History Museum Visit

Location: Washington Start: Oct. 27 2018 12:00pm End: Oct. 27 2018 3:00pm

The American History Museum is a great, often overlooked, gem! They currently have a great exhibit about the American Revolution.

The Department of State Visit

Location: Washington Start: Nov. 01 2018 1:00pm End: Nov. 01 2018 4:00pm

This will be an awesome event! A reception will be held in the diplomatic reception hall as well as various briefings from different bureau’s. This will give ciw students unprecedented access to the inner workings of the State Department.

Martin Luther King Memorial Visit

Location: Washington Start: Nov. 03 2018 2:00pm End: Nov. 03 2018 4:00pm

One of the newer memorials on the National Mall, join CIW to visit this unique and powerful site. We will casually roam the tidal basin and the mall area to take in all the fall views as well.

Advocacy Day

Location: Washington Start: Nov. 08 2018 1:30pm End: Nov. 08 2018 4:30pm

Get involved on the Hill and make your voice heard! This is a unique chance to meet with your representative and participate in active democracy. 

National Museum of the American Indian Visit

Location: Washington Start: Nov. 17 2018 12:00pm End: Nov. 17 2018 3:00pm

Come appreciate another unique and powerful museum. They have a particularly great exhibit, featured here, that we will visit.